Damn son…

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This Batman Vs. Dracula thing is insane!

Gettin’ in the full spirit of the Halloweekend before waiting to go out tonight, and decided to watch since I’ve already seen pretty much everything else that’s currently on.

And um… I can fully see little kids having nightmares from watching it; Shit is scurrrrrry maaang… (But still awesome)

Like… If I were in charge of scheduling on CN… I’d have prolly saved this one for about 8:00 instead of 5:00.

My night has def. been made by watching this though. :)

Instead of doing my hw I’m rewatching the PLL pilot

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I’ve obviously got my priorities in order. LOL.

Story of my life. lol

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Reblog or your mom will die in 928 seconds.

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Will forever reblog; This was hands down, by the grace of God the most beautiful ending I’ve ever seen.

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Just did a little refresher with catching up on Suburgatory

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I am now fully in love with this show. :)

(As well as find it heavily amusing that Ana Gasteyer who played Lindsay Lohan’s newly suburbanized mom in Mean Girls is now on the most radically opposite side of the spectrum with her new role in this show that interestingly enough reminds me of said movie.)

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Ok, seriously…

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NOW I’m starting to get a little irked. By all means, I have no problem with there being other Generator Rex blogs on here; Just means that the fandom is alive and healthy. Especially since Tumblr has been kind of lacking in that tag department due to the show being on hiatus currently. However, does it really make sense to have another blog around if you are literally posting most of the exact same pictures and things that have already been posted? If you like something, that is what the “Reblog” button is for. Like really, you would think you would try to stand out a little more by posting new stuff, or things that the other blogs on here don’t have, yet that doesn’t seem to be the case… And if that is the case, then why even bother to have that blog in the first place?

</end rant>

It’s already been an hour…

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…Aaaaaaaaaaand I’m still absolutely mind fucked by the first season finale that is The Nine Lives Of Chloe King…

Now that, is how you do a season finale!!!

Just……holy mother of—-

Reblog or your mom will die in 928 seconds.

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Lorrrrrrd Jesusss…

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I wish I could reach through the tv screen and smack Hanna. Honestly, love her, but that’s the second time over the course of 2 episodes that she’s thrown out perfectly good food. lmao

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IAMX —- Nightlife


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Flo Rida —- Turn Around (Part 1)

Thanks Hangover 2. lol

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Yay, my life is even more complete now. lol

Yay, my life is even more complete now. lol

Awee, Prowl kitty. :3

Awee, Prowl kitty. :3

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